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Photon- Smoothswing saber sound font (CFX, Proffie, Verso)

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I remade a soundfont from my original font collection. This is Photon, a font inspired by the photonic, UV reactive blade stock. I've not built one into a neopixel blade yet, but they give off some crazy cool color combos that I really dig on in hilt setups.
The font itself is built from a lot of retro elements, but with some synthesized material on top to give the smoothswing pairs a really sharp, but deep and synthetic sound. I love this new version.

Designed for CFX, Proffie, and Verso (Golden Harvest natively supports these files without changes). Other sound board makers not supported.

Blade styles for Proffie and CFX soundboards can be found below:

Proffie Blade Styles:

CFX Blade Styles: