1. What the heck is a sound font anyway?

Think of it as a vocabulary of sounds for your saber, configured for specific hardware (such as Crystal Focus, Proffie, etc). A font plays back certain effects like blaster blocks, swings, and clashes in real time to help create the illusion of being a Knight Protector or Dark Lord. basically think of it like outsourcing the "voom, vrooom" sounds you made as a kid to someone who can make your saber sound like the real thing. 

2.  My font doesn't come with a config file or blade style, what gives? 

Fonts and blade styles are two very different things. A blade style is the animated effect that the soundboard generates along the blade, which requires code to run. Config files will usually only contain specific parameters that the font needs to run (like the start time of the hum in relation to the ignition sound). Config files and blade styles are very specific to each person, and their programming is strictly the user's responsibility.

You can find 2 incredible resources for completely free blade styles below:

Proffie Blade Styles: https://fett263.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/proffieboard-responsive-style-library-os5.html

CFX Blade Styles: https://crystalfocus.net/bladeprofiles/

 3. Can you help me install my sound fonts? 

Sound font installation is strictly the responsibility of the user. 

4. I no longer want my sound font. Can I return it? 

Unfortunately, digital goods aren't returnable by their very nature. All sales are final. If you have difficulty with specific sound files not playing back correctly, please let us know so we can issue an update to the files and send new download links. 

5. Can I put my fonts on my friend's sabers for them?

Distribution, such as for sharing, retail sale or resell use is prohibited unless permitted & agreements made prior to doing so by the author. All fonts are limited to single household use.